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Peer-to-Peer Ambassadorship 

The KNOW & TELL® Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Ambassadorship Program was “born” in May 2020, in response to several New Hampshire high schools who had participated in KNOW & TELL® Education Training. There was an interest to provide senior level high school students similar education.  Especially those students curious about child facing, healthcare, social work and law enforcement careers.

Over the summer of 2020, a small group of students were identified to begin this work by developing the group’s mission – “to EDUCATE peers, to INFORM communities, and PROTECT youth by redefining the culture and stigma of child abuse and neglect.”  These New Hampshire High Schoolers have worked to empower their peers to BE THE DIFFERENCE for children experiencing abuse and/or neglect through teen lead development of educational materials and media.

Since 2020, P2P Ambassadors have dedicated time, energy, and collective focus to developing new resources and educational tools for their peers including Public Service Announcements, social media material, and numerous resources including the development of Teen Body Safety Brochure.

Do you want to bring the KNOW & TELL Peer-to-Peer Program to your High School?

To find out more information about this program or how to bring KNOW & TELL® Peer-to-Peer to your school, email Stephanie Arroyo, KNOW & TELL® Education & Advancement Director ( or (603) 864-0216