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Know & TellFor every child victim who finds the courage to report their abuse, we know that 9 do not. Statistics show only 1 in 10 incidents of child abuse is ever reported. In New Hampshire, we served 2,359 children in our Child Advocacy Centers (CAC) in 2015. Meaning, that statistically there were 21, 231 child victims that did not report their abuse in our communities alone. That is 21, 231 child victims we need to rescue, one life at a time. On April 20th, 2016, The Granite State Children’s Alliance (GSCA) took our appeal to the State House in Concord, NH; and after that we will take our appeal to every city, town, village and neighborhood. Our appeal is to educate and empower adults to KNOW the signs of abuse and TELL responsible authorities when they recognize them. According to Joy Barrett, Executive Director of GSCA  “Our mission is to give voice to the 9 out of 10 victims that we have not heard from; the silent majority. We know when victims are denied the opportunity to heal they are more likely to struggle with depression, addiction and valuing their self worth. We can not afford to let this continue to happen.” Governor Hassan has proclaimed April 20th KNOW & TELL day. (Click here to watch the WMUR coverage of the event). The Granite State Children’s Alliance, the chapter organization for NH CAC’s is excited to launch KNOW & TELL, an initiative to say something when adults see something to protect our children. Child Advocacy Centers provide forensic interviewing services to children who may have experienced sexual abuse, severe physical abuse and/or witnessed domestic violence. Child Advocacy Centers coordinate the multi-disciplinary team approach to find out what happened. By bringing together New Hampshire’s law enforcement, county attorneys, state protective services, victim advocates and medical and mental health professionals, child advocacy centers facilitate better outcomes for children across the state. With this new child abuse awareness initiative we will rally our fellow Granite Staters to KNOW & TELL and give a voice to the 21,231 children that are awaiting our rescue.