To Report Suspected Abuse Call DCYF at (800) 894-5533 - For Emergencies Dial 911

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Seth Meyers teams up with the Granite State Children’s Alliance

Did you know that in the state of New Hampshire, only 1 in 10 incidents of child abuse are ever reported? #iKNOWandTELL

The Granite State Children’s Alliance, New Hampshire’s network of Child Advocacy Centers, served 2,359 child victims of abuse last year. But with only 10% of victims reporting, we know there are 21,231 child victims still waiting for help. So we’ve teamed up with Seth Meyers and the Crimes Against Children’s Research Center at UNH to build a new public responsibility movement to educate Granite Staters to KNOW the signs of abuse and TELL responsible authorities.

It’s important to KNOW, for the 21,231 NH children who were victims of child abuse last year, ANY information reported would have been better than none.

  • KNOW that you can report it anonymously.
  • KNOW that any information you can provide is better than no information.
  • You don’t have to KNOW it’s abuse….you only need to SUSPECT abuse.

Granite Staters, don’t stand by when a child needs your help. If you KNOW or suspect abuse, step up and TELL responsible authorities. Leave the investigating to our experts who KNOW how to care for the most vulnerable in our communities.

We can all find the courage to report abuse, KNOW & TELL. Anonymously report what you see by calling DCYF at (800) 894-5533 or your local Police – For emergencies Dial 911.


Join the movement by sharing #iKNOWandTELL on social media.

In the News 

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Granite State Children’s Alliance launches campaign to protect kids from abuse 

“Gov. Chris Sununu and U.S. Sen. Maggie Hassan have already pledged to KNOW & TELL” Seacoast Online, June 10, 202

Child abuse reports drop 50% in last two weeks; advocates alarmed

“Risk of child abuse increases with stress and lack of supports” Union Leader, April 2 2020

Seth Meyers and Gov. Sununu pledge to KNOW & TELL On Child Abuse 

“Granite Staters challenge all adults to “Be the DIfference” for children. In the latest KNOW & TELL Video” In Depth NH, June 9, 2020

Child sexual abuse rate drops, misleading public

“Granite State Children’s Alliance cheif executive officer Joy Barrett said that for some kids, the stay-at-home isn’t safe” The Cabinet Press, March 7, 2020

New Hampshire’s Child Advocacy Centers Launch KNOW & TELL

For every child victim who finds the courage to report their abuse, we know that 9 do not. Statistics show only 1 in 10 incidents of child abuse is ever reported. The Granite State Children’s Alliance is excited to launch KNOW & TELL, an initiative to say something when adults see something to protect our children. 


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